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You can rest assured that the following promotion is going to deliver much of the highly appreciated entertainment, just as it is with a new video slot of sorts. EmotiCoins is the next installment in a long running series of slot machines, which you can always play via the CasinoCruise platform. The bouncing faces bring a whole lot of joy to all the participating viewers, but more importantly, they can become exactly what results in an incredible €10,000 prize pool, within reach of everybody who takes part in the ongoing promo. Just make sure to play the EmotiCoins slot, as for every €/£10 that is played in this game, a MWAH ticket is automatically granted to you. The tickets are used to enter a draw for the €10K prize, and they can be collected from August 14th till August 22nd. A random draw will be held on the 23rd of August, so keep your fingers crossed and gather as many tickets as you can, because there is no telling how much you may win.

Casino Cruise Promotion

Promo period: 14th-22nd August (2017)

Draw date: August 23rd (Wednesday)

Minimum wager: €/£10

Prize pool: €10,000

The prizes:
1x €1000/£875
8x €500/£450
50x €100/£85

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