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Sunset Spins Casino Promotion

Position / Prize
1: Weekend Getaway for 2 worth £2,000
2: £1,000 credits
3: £500 credits
4: £300 credits
5: £200 credits
6: £100 credits
7: £50 credits
8: £50 credits
9: £50 credits
10: £50 credits
11: 100 Bonus Spins
12: 100 Bonus Spins
13: 100 Bonus Spins
14: 100 Bonus Spins
15: 100 Bonus Spins
16: 100 Bonus Spins
17: 100 Bonus Spins
18: 100 Bonus Spins
19: 100 Bonus Spins
20: 100 Bonus Spins

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