This month is going to be particularly hot; not only because it’s the pinnacle of the summer season, but also due to an upcoming tournament that is coming to Barbados Casino this week. Fittingly named; July Heat – the tournament is about to be as hot as it can get, with fast paced slot action and a bunch of cash prizes. This is going to be a really spectacular event, and it sure will provide its players with just as many surprises, and with some of the greatest online slots, naturally – which is what makes it so appealing too. The wonders do not seize to exist there, and with a great portion of spins, there will be even more chances to win some potentially outstanding prizes; like the €3000 Trip Voucher or an iPhone.

The July Heat is a great summer campaign that should make the end of the month really exciting, not to mention everything else that players can enjoy if they sign up for any of the precious entertainment that this online casino has provided so far. If you are looking for a way to gain some additional coins, but more importantly here; play some exquisite casino games – then you are in luck, because Casino Barbados is going to deliver all that and more (T&Cs may apply).

Barbados Casino Promotion

Tournament: July Heat

Dates: 25-27 July

1st place: €3K Trip Voucher
2nd place: iPhone XS
3rd place: iPhone XR
4th place: €500
5th-6th: €250
7th-10th: €125
11th-20th: €100
21th-50th: €50

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