Fancy a spin at the roulette table this summer? If so, then Maria Casino will have plenty of action for you during this month, available exclusively through its live casino lounge, right where some of the most popular games of chance can be found. Roulette is not only a fancy pastime, but a rather sophisticated form of entertainment that anybody can enjoy. No matter if you prefer card games slot machines, there is always an alternative that would be this particular game.

The rules are easy to learn on the go, so the participants may quickly join the fun and win some actual prizes. Betting can be tricky, but that is because the odds can be quite volatile. Thanks to live gambling, players around the world can experience a genuine casino session, with MariaCasino having one of the finest options available. The following tournament will take place at Maria Casino between the 15th and 20th of June this year, preparing you for the summer madness that is going to unfold around the world eventually. If you are lacking spare funds this year, then maybe you should consider betting on your lucky number during this promotion, because the main prize worth £2,500 will go to one lucky player who ends on the first position after the tournament finally comes to a conclusion.

The players may already qualify for the competition by playing at least 30 consecutive rounds on the game of roulette, as the final score will be calculated based on this particular number of rounds made prior to the qualification. The minimum bets cannot be lower than £0.10, plus the promotional period is going to end at 23:59 on June 20th.

Maria Casino Promotion

Qualification criteria:
– Enter the tournament by playing a minimum of 30 consecutive rounds
– The score would be based exactly on this number of rounds
– A minimum bet to qualify for the event: £0.10

Promotional time: 15/06/2017 – 20/06/2017

Eligible games: Roulette

Betting range: £0.10-£200,000

Prize Pool:
1st place: £2,500.00
2nd place: £1,000.00
3rd place: £750.00
4th-6th places: £500.00
7th-10th places: £250.00
11th-30th places: £100.00
31st-40th places: £50.00
41st-50th places: £25.00
51st-100th places: £10.00

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