The online casino Casoo is having a big party this month; the kind that comes with multiple surprises – which is the best kind of party for sure. Players can expect to see a lot of gambling this summer, because it’s the month of roulette, and what better game to represent the genre than the super fast Lightning Roulette. Casoo has prepared a couple of exclusive gifts for this occasion, which means that you are about to explore some of the best games that one can play at this fancy online casino, all the while claiming the very best casino bonuses one can only find on the internet.

This Lighting Roulette campaign will continue for the entirety of this hot season, which gives you plenty of time left to participate. The promotion is going fill entertain for sure, and before that happens, many will be enjoying a completely exclusive 20% cashback bonus, along with twice the glimmer than usual. By playing this particular version of roulette specifically, you can earn double the glimmer and so be able to win really big. Get your money back when playing at the Casoo casino, but don’t forget about other entertaining prospects, which are constantly within reach when being part of this amazing program. Check back in a while and see what other special promotions have been prepared by Casoo for the future ahead, but right now – let’s focus on the present, as there’s a load of glimmer to collect.

Casoo Casino Promotion

Game: Lightning Roulette

Exclusive Bonus: 20% Cashback

6 glimmer: €10 worth of bets

60 glimmer: €100 worth of bets

300 glimmer: €500 worth of bets

600 glimmer: €1000 worth of bets

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