Have a Merry Pop Christmas this year, especially if you are having a wonderful time with some of the games at CasinoPop, because the site is having an Xmas party this year, available to all players who want to join the festivities that are about to unfold. There are various playable goodies reserved for this occasion, offering much in terms of presents and other bonus gifts. By visiting the Casino Pop website daily, you are not only making these holidays much more exciting, but can also win one of the many items, which are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of all who are going to win them. Win a brand new Xbos One gaming console, which includes one controller and a game, so that you can play as soon as you unwrap it.

There are also plenty of other presents, like the loudspeaker Sanos 3, the Marshall 443 headphones, plus epic free spins for the rest of the winners. With a prize table of €2,800 in total, the prizes are definitely worth your effort, and the Pop X-mas Calendar 2017 is quite the attraction this month, offering daily goods right until the holiday season. Collect 25 popTickets and you also get 25 free spins for “Vikings Go Berzerk”, which should let you experience a very satisfying Christmas indeed.

Whatever you wish to do, know that CasinoPop is right there to help you celebrate Xmas, ensuring that you can enjoy some of the best games and special treats reserved for end of the year. There are only three days left, so if you still want to qualify for this promotion, then you should probably make haste and join Casino Pop in the upcoming days to follow it through to the end. As always, you can find the full calendar, along with full terms and conditions for this campaign, available on the official casino site, inside the promotions section of the webpage.

CasinoPop Promotion

Prize table (€2,800)
1) Xbox One X + controller & 1 game
2) Sonos 3 loudspeaker
3) Marshall 443 headphones
4-10) 100 Epic Spins
11-20) 75 Epic Spins
21-50) 100 Free Spins
51-100) 75 Free Spins

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