Have you already visited the Bao casino this Halloween? If not, then there is still some time left for you to claim the last bonus offer that this gaming platform has initiated for the duration of the spooky holidays. Everybody is more than welcome to join and have fun, just make sure that you do that before the end of the weekend, so you may still get to enjoy the additional bonus funds and extra free spins – which are part of this magical campaign. The Bao cat invites you to the world of online games and pleasant surprises, both of which are going to make this virtual experience quite thrilling for sure. The official terms, conditions and wagering requirements for this promotion are available on the official website.

Play some of the best spooky games at casino Bao has in store for you, and don’t forget to claim any bonuses that might come along throughout the many adventures. The Halloween season has long been a favorite of all witches and their cats, so it is no wonder why Bao is so fond of this special time of the year. But there is much more to it than pumpkins and horror films; there is a kind of mystery enshrouded by the longs years of past superstitions and stories that would terrify even the bravest among you. Such is the way of the magic world, and even though science has already disproved and explained the various phenomena surrounding it; sometimes it’s not so easily understood from the get go. that Give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed – the Bao cat will make sure of that. The little furry guardian of the casino is going to wish good luck and fortune upon everyone who becomes part of the family, so join now and let the adventure begin.

Bao Casino Promotion

Date | Bonus | Promo code | Minimum deposit
30.10.19 | Wednesday | 25 free spins (Creepy Carnival) | bam! | 30 EUR
31.10.19 | Thursday | 70% bonus | boo! | 35 EUR
01.11.19 | Friday | 25 free spins (Witchcraft Academy) | meu! | 30 EUR
02.11.19 | Saturday | 50% bonus | haha! | 30 EUR
03.11.19 | Sunday | 50% bonus + 10 free spins (House of Doom) | hubba! | 40 EUR

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