Launch into space and beyond with the help from Mars Casino, the best online casino in the entire galaxy, which has been going strong every since its initial inception. If you are currently looking for a gaming alternative, and that would be one involving plenty of cash prizes, then you can most certainly find a lot to do and even more to win – right at the online casino Mars. The program includes a regular, ongoing tournament dubbed: Martian Rush, which comes with all the valuables that a player can use to push forward. You can already take part in the next round of the tournaments, by joining the MarsCasino, thus ensuring that you will be eligible for the many future promotions that can already be headed your way.

In the meantime, make sure to opt in for the current Martian Rush, which runs between: April 25th and May 2nd. Make the most bets to collect points, which in turn will guarantee you a spot on the leaderboard. The higher score – the better the prize, and there is plenty of cash to be had during that time. With a minimum bet of 1EUR, you can take part in a race for cash, and have a fantastic time while doing so, because there are always lots of fantastic games, including hot slots and other popular options. Feel free to join any time you want, and get ready for another round of the tournament, which is sure to arrive in the following weeks. Don’t forget about exclusive bonus offers either, which often coincide with events that take place in the galaxy, so watch out for new planets, comets or eclipses that could result in extra bonuses. Expect some tough competition, but after all – that is what those casino challenges are all about: fun, games and rewards. There will be much more happening, so stay tuned for any news that should give you some insight into the gaming world of Mars.

Mars Casino Promotion

Tournament: Martian Rush

Duration: 25th April – 2nd May (2018)

Minimum bet: 0.00015BTC/1EUR/1USD/1CAD/10SEK/10NOK/1GBP

Wagering requirement: 5x

Place / Prize
1st: 100.00EUR
2nd: 80.00EUR
3rd: 70.00EUR
4th: 60.00EUR
5th: 50.00EUR
6th: 40.00EUR
7th: 35.00EUR
8th: 30.00EUR
9th: 20.00EUR
10th: 15.00EUR

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