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It could be also a chance to finally join the online casino Buran, provided that you haven’t already, and find out more about its interesting offer. The tournament mentioned earlier, available throughout the weeks, and will continue to go on right until the end of it. A total of €1,000 worth in prizes will be split among the winners at the end of the this campaign. Those of you who are still considering to join the Buran Casino – there are a few incentives that should make the process smoother, starting with the welcome bonus package. Just visit the main site and see for yourself; there is a whole lot to discover there, and even more to appreciate in the long run. If you would like to now more about the ongoing promotional offers that are currently available at the BuranCasino – then follow the links that lead to its official website.

Buran Casino Promotion

Tournament: Viva Las Vegas

Games: featured slots

Duration: 2022

Prize Pool: €1,000

Min. Bet: €0.30

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