If you find yourself particularly driven to see the most wonderful places around the world but you also enjoy gambling, then by all means the online Casino Cruise is the perfect place for you to visit. Among the exceptional gaming productions and attractive promotional campaigns, one particularly stands out as the essential part of this experience.

During a Saturday Ticket Madness, all the participants can win a luxurious cruise that takes place on regular periods every two months. The nearest event will be carried out through the European rivers, beginning at Budapest in Hungary all the way to Passau in Germany.

In order to become part of this adventure, ones must simply opt-in for the draw by receiving a single ticket for each $50 deposit made at the casino.

Holiday Cruise Vacation

The Saturday Tickets Madness is going to even double the number of tickets you may get. The more tickets you acquire, the more chances of winning the place on the nearest cruise. This promotional time period of an entire campaign will be active from the 1st of April, right until the 31st of May, 2015.

*A single ticket can be acquired by making a deposit worth $50

* Time of this promotion to last will be: 01.04-31.05.2015

* Opt-in for this event at CasinoCruise

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