The Royal Panda casino has always a couple of surprises up its sleeve, and this month is no different; it provides a whole new bag of goodies for all the players out there, who wish to take part in the ongoing festivities. Special offers and bonus deals will be in abundance, so go get your daily gaming fix and stay tuned for more of these promos from casino Royal Panda. The 9 Pots of Fire promotion should be on your radar, as the campaign itself has been launched quite recently; on the 17th of July. It will remain active until July 25th, so you have ten days of gaming ahead of you.

Be sure to sign up for any news and details regarding this, and every other promotion from the RoyalPanda family, because there are always new ways for you to play and earn yourselves more benefits. Such is the way of this amazing online casino, so if you’re game and want to start the journey with the friendly pandas; join the program by registering a user account. The 9 Pots of Fire are going to be hot as well, and the promotion itself comes with a total prize pool: €9000 in rewards. Grab some of that cash by getting a lottery ticket into the draw; with 1 ticket for every €9 that you wager with real money throughout the promotional period. In order to become eligible for the cash prizes, you have to play these video slots: 9 Pots of Gold or 9 Masks of Fire. The full terms and conditions are available on the official website of Royal Panda.

Royal Panda Casino Promotion

Promotion: 9 Pots of Fire

Duration: 17th-25th July 2020

Games: 9 Masks of Fire, 9 Pots of Gold

Qualifications: 1 ticket / every €9

Rewards: €9000 Prize Pool

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