There can be no about the fact that Guts casino has some of the top gaming options out there, even though the internet is filled with plenty of alternatives. There is something about the thrill that only games of chance possess, and what better place to get a healthy dose of gambling, than online casino Guts. Until now, the online network has been making certain preparations to launch its next campaign, which runs between the 22nd and 28th of September, so the time is right to join the action at Guts. The campaign is commonly known as the Jungle Books Tournament, because it features a new brand new slot game – Jungle Books, which is featured during this particular event, so get straight into it and qualify for the raffle.

It is no coincidence that the top prize involves a trip to India, much like in the popular stories from Rudyard Kipling’s magnum opus. You can travel all the way to experience an adventure of a lifetime, visiting such places like the national parks of Pench and Kanha, in a real life safari worth €8,000 in total. Or you may win a share of the €50,000 prize pool, which is also good considering that extra money can often come quite in handy nonetheless. In order to win, the player must combine both skill and luck to achieve the highest single coin in spin, thus landing a spot on the leaderboard in the process. Feel free to try the game first but do not forget to qualify for the promotion, because everyone has a chance to win, no matter what. Full terms and conditions are available on the casino’s website, of course.

Guts Casino Promotion

The Jungle Books Tournament
Main prize – Travel Experience: Pench + Kanha (€8,000)
Total prize pool: €45,000
Leaderboard positions: 500
Raffle pool: €5,000
Number of prizes: 166
Raffle entry: Finishing within the top 700
Promo dates: 22/09/17 – 28/09/17
Draw period: 29/09/17 – 01/10/17
Featured game: Jungle Books
Minimum bet: €0.50
Win criteria: Highest coin win (spins)

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