Are you a member of the Player Club at Mobil6000? If not, then maybe you should consider applying for membership, as it is easily done and anyone can become part of this amazing entertainment network. Find out what privileges the members have and you will not be disappointed with the results, as there is certainly a whole lot to make this kind of experience last for a long time and deliver you as much joy as it only can. Mobil 6000 is an online casino supported by the latest technologies, including top software solutions and gaming options for everyone involved. It sounds like the players of Mobil6000 will have their hands busy till the end of September this year, because the promotion will run for the next two months at least.

If you already want to qualify, then you must simply be a member of the Player Club at Mobil 6000, made at least one successful deposit of $20 in the past, and like the casino’s Facebook page. One can always increase the chances of winning by collecting additional tickets through active wagering in games ($25 at least). The lottery will decide who wins a brand new iPhone Plus Red 256GB or the $700 Cash Prize, available till the 30th of September 2017.

Mobil6000 Casino Promotion

* In order to qualify for this promo, one has to be part of the Player Club

* A minimum $20 deposit had to be made to participate in this campaign

* All participants will have to like the Facebook page in order to proceed further

* Promotion runs until the end of September, 30th (2017)

* Every $25 wagered on games provides an additional lottery ticket

* Both: desktop and mobile platforms contribute toward the progress

* Winners gets an iPhone Plus Red 256GB or an alternative cash prize of $700

* Standard Terms & Conditions may apply

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