When in need for some extra money, make sure to consult your favorite gaming provider in order to check if there are some recent giveaways where you may take your chances at grabbing a share of the cash pot. One of such distinctive places would be the online casino of BetVictor, where prize driven campaigns are systematically being hosted, so it is always relevant what might be going on. There is no need for past experience, any specific skills or other meaningless contributions, as in order to take part in such campaign and win a substantial amount of cash, all that you might need is the sheer will to participate. That and of course passing the qualification round, but that is only a legal matter that would simply be mandatory of all those who wish to take it seriously and collect their share of money.

Be sure to play at least 20 spins or alternatively 20 hands on one your favorite games with a minimum value of £0.20, so that you may enter the amazing giveaway where £100K will be handed to 500 players at Bet Victor. The campaign would be open for the next four weeks, and each of these periods will grant an opportunity to reach for a £25K prize pool. The exact schedules for these giveaways can be found in the section below, but remember to opt in between one of these periods, so that you might be able to claim a significant cash prize which is definitely going ot change the plans for this year’s vacations in more ways than though possible.

BetVictor Promotion

1st Week: – 22nd June

2nd Week: 23rd June – 29th June

3rd Week: 30th June – 6th July

4th Week: 7th July – 13th July

* In order to qualify for the giveaway players must play at least 20 spins or hands

* The spins and hands in games have to be made by using real money

* A minimum value of the spins/hands would be £0.20

* Opt-in through the promotional page

* General T&C apply

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