The Valentine’s Day is here, and even if you are single – there’s no need to worry, because you’ll have your hands full with all the gaming that is about to happen at the online casino WildSlots. Win as many free spins as you possibly can, as the WildSlots casino has brought a total of 14,218 to make this year’s Valentines really entertaining. The players can win as many of those as they want, but in order to qualify: you must first make a bet that would then let you climb the leader board. The challenge will be running for a limited time only, and with 14,218 free spins to be shared – it sure looks like a plan.

Every £/€/$40 bet that is made on any slots offered by Wild Slots, gives you 1 point toward the leaderboard score, and the more you get – the more spins you can expect to see. The promotion runs only between the 14th and 15th of February, so you should hurry if you wish to collect a few of bonus rounds this month. Winners of this competition will be announced on February 17th, so if you want to be one of the lucky players receiving a couple of free spins this month, then you must have made at least one successful deposit during February 2018. Everyone can pick their favorite slot and play to win, because it’s Valentines after all – so if you’re spending some time alone this year, then don’t be shy and visit Wild Slots for some instant spinning competition. There is much more to come, but you can definitely find it all right here, right now.

WildSlots Casino Free Spins

Offer: 14,218 Free Spins Challenge

When: 14th – 15th February 2018

Every £/€/$40 bet = 1 leaderboard point

1st-5th places: 999 Free Spins

6th-10th places: 500 Free Spins

11th-15th places: 300 Free Spins

16th-20th places: 100 Free Spins

All who get at least 1 point: 5 Free Spins

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