The Universal Slots casino continues its notorious Weekends Go Berzerk campaign, during which all players have a chance of winning €30,000. The Weekends Go Berzerk, as the name suggests, is a special promotion – available only on selected weekends, and as the campaign closes in to its final stage; the stakes are getting higher. Each of the weekends brings a different game, and you can play it to qualify and compete for many generous cash prizes.

This weekend, it will be the Sahara Siege slot that’s going to make an appearance, and everyone is invited to play this game for a share of the €30000 prize pool. Starting on the 3rd October and ending on October 6th, the Sahara Siege stage will definitely bring its players closer to winnings, as well as some extra free spins. It sure looks like the players are going to have a real blast with this game, which should also encourage them to drop by and visit the online casino Universal Slots the next time, when there is a new promotion to participate in. Further terms and conditions may apply, but those can be still found on the official casino website; among the rest of online games and exclusive promotions.

Universal Slots Casino Promotion

Promotion: Weekends Go Berzerk

Start: 03/10 [10:00CEST]

End: 06/10 [23:59CEST]

Game: Sahara Siege

Prize Pool: €30,000

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