All is not lost if you think that you will never save enough money to go and see Dubai, as it happens so that by a streak of luck, you just might land a spot on the plane to this most populous of cities within the United Arab Emirates. This rich and exotic place will definitely rub on you, as there are things that cannot be witness in most parts of the world. Though the bricks are noty literally laid in gold, they might as well be, because there are lots of filthy rich individuals that do not know on what to spend their money. In all, this comfortable form of life can be yours for just a couple of days, so if that pleases you, then be sure to join the next promotion by that has already been initiated by casino Dunder.

You will be able to gamble against all odds and try to win a spectacular journey to these lands, courtesy of the online casino itself. The journey might be expensive, but fear not, as the operator has promised to take care of the costs involved with such trip. The campaign will remain open between a specific period of time, which means it would be limited only to this particular time frame. You may qualify for the draw if you wager at least €20, as with this procedures you automatically receive a single ticket for the draw. One might always need more of those, as each ticket makes the chance of winning possible. Collect your tickets and prepare for the rewards, which include the Trip to Dubai of course, plus Big Spins and Free Spins too. Whenever you are ready, head on to Dunder casino and let the games being, but remember that the promotion will last only till the 15th of September, this year.

Dunder Casino promotion

* This campaign remains open to all players; either new or already registered

* The promotion takes place between: 24th August – 15th September (2016)

* Each deposit made that is worth at least €20 will grant one raffle ticket

* In case of any doubts regarding this event, visit the main source

* Additional terms and conditions may apply further on still

1st position: Dubai Trip
2nd position: €1000 Cash
3rd-5th positions: €500 Cash
6th-10th positions: 50 Big Spins
11th-20th positions: 100 Free Spins

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