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Because those online tournaments with slots and whatnot, are certainly an awesome addition to every single online gambling session out there. And the Weekly Tournaments that are running on a week to week basis; will deliver a total of 300 Euros to let you continue on and have a super fun time. This current iteration of such tournament is currently active at the Cat Casino, and everyone is invited to join it whenever they can or want to. It is about to continue on until the 6th February, so that leaves you with a lot of time left to do that as well. Get ready, for one may never know just what to expect. As the surprises can be quite a lot, witnessing the pool of prizes expand, with each spin that you take on slot machines or bet that is placed at the tables. Further promotional conditions or bonus terms may still apply, of course.

Cat Casino Promotion

Campaign: Weekly Tournament

Prize Pool: €300

Ends 6th February 2022

Games: slots

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