What a great time for players it is, and it seems things are going to get even better – with some help from the Barbados Casino. This popular gaming site is already notorious for its many outstanding games, featuring both; casino and live casino ones, as well as scratch cards, and of course many, many video slots. Naturally, there might still be certain terms and conditions that have to be met – but no wagering requirement on money prizes this time.

What some of the viewers might not know however, is that there is one particular brand of software that has been going strong ever the inception of its company during the early 90’s. The following promotion has been prepared by Casino Barbados to celebrate the many Synot games that has been available for quite some time now, and its members are going to embark on an exciting adventure with many of the most innovative of casino games. This is going to be a real treat for those who haven’t even heard about Synot Games before, but now are ready to plunge into action right away. The Synot Games Celebration is happening between September 10th and 15th, which is right now – so don’t waste any more of the time left for this special bonus campaign, and join the BarbadosCasino program as soon as possible.

Barbados Casino Promotion

Promo Campaign: Synot Games Celebration

Duration: 10.09.2019-15.09.2019

Conclusion: 16.09.2019

Top Prizes:
1st place – 1,500€
2nd place – 1,000€
3rd place – 400€
4th place – 350€
5th place – 250€
6th-10th – 100€
11th-110th -10€

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