The Quickspin Festival Network Tournament has been initiated, and will continue for the next couple of days – right until the 11th of October this year. That gives you the perfect opportunity to revisit the Mason Slots casino, and find out what kind of other surprises will be waiting for you there. Of course, this campaign is more than enough to keep you on the edge of your seat for quite some time, but if you would like to get some more bonuses along the way; then casino Mason Slots has just the right assortment of benefits for you to enjoy. Not only you will find that this excellent online casino has its fair share of notorious games, but also a variety of promotions in which you can always participate and have some fun.

Members of the MasonSlots program will have their hands full with all these new, recurring and upcoming campaigns, while the Quickspin’s Festival continues on. Make sure that you join and compete for a lot of cash prizes, as there are €100,000 to be won during that time. It certainly is a grand event for players everywhere, who will find that the Mason Slots website has everything they would ever hope to receive. On top of the usual attractions, there are of course the Quickspin slots; which you are about to play to the fullest – provided that you join the casino in this special new promotion. Get all the details and additional info on the things that you need to know, and head to the MasonSlots casino for more of such exciting promotional events like this one. Promo terms and conditions will apply.

Mason Slots Casino Promotion

Promotion: Quickspin Festival

Type: Network Tournament

Rewards: €100,000

Start: 28/09/2020

End: 11/10/2020

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