Many of the classic fables were based on either legends or some kind of folk tales, but nowadays they became a staple of the animated cinema; thanks to popular studios who remade and envisioned them for the modern times. Even if naive or completely fantastical at times, some of them carry important lessons that could be well implemented into daily life, and are a perfect way to entertain children and those young at heart. Thanks to the constant technological progress, many if not most of the iconic stories were made into motion pictures, television series, cartoons and video games.

Even casinos have gotten their share of immensely popular online games; featuring all these iconic characters – like the beautiful Snow White, for instance. This innocent princess has been wronged and cursed from the day she was born, but thanks to her inner kindness and resourcefulness – she overcame all of the obstacles that prevent her from seizing their rightful place on the throne. She even conquered death and came back to rule the kingdom she was promised before she was even born. Many dangers lie ahead, and every decision might carry dire consequences.

This awe-inspiring tale of wonders is now available in the form of a video slot too: “Poisoned Apple 2”, a sequel to this fantastic casino game – which you can play at Casinia right now. What’s even better, playing the Poisoned Apple 2 slot during this campaign, will grant full entry into the Poisoned Apple tournament; an online competition prepared by casino Casinia this month. With a rich pool of €30,000 in cash prizes and the aforementioned slot game, the players are going to have a really great time this weekend. There are multiple other tournaments that run simultaneously with the Poisoned Apple, and you should go check them all out, simply by accessing the Casinia casino.

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Tournament: Poisoned Apple

Prize Pool: €30,000

Minimum Bet: €0.5

Prizes: 10

Members: 100

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