The online casino Cadabrus returns with yet another grand promotion this month, featuring a total of €4,500 that players will be able to win and share at the end of this new chapter of Drops & Wins. Seeming like this particular campaign is about to stay for good, and since there are plenty of new video slots to play, one can be sure to have a super fun time here, no doubt about it. Find out just what type of entertainment you are about to enjoy here, for there are many amazing rewards to win, as well as a variety of other excellent benefits. If you are looking for a way to start off this experience, then you can definitely expect to get as much of that right here; at the Cadabrus casino. It is the best place to seek new ways to play games and win some prizes, and there are lots of those to be had at the Cadabrus palace.

The current iteration of the Drops & Wins promotion is about to run for the duration of this month, providing you all the necessary benefits that usually come with this sort of experience. If you would like to know more, then there are further details provided on the casino’s website. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to spare right now, for you can still encounter a variety of other bonus events, and still have a wonderful time when you return to the Cadabrus casino in the following weeks to come. See to it that you do, because then you can definitely expect to see even more of its excellent games, play some outstanding video slots, and of course have an incredibly good time. Promo terms and conditions will apply.

Cadabrus Casino Promotion

Tournament: Drops & Wins

Duration: April 2022

Prize Pool: €4,500

Minimum bet: €0.5

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