The current month looks particularly promising for all the players of iGame casino, who may want to visit their favorite online gaming center for everything you like best about this entertainment. Summer is also a good time for taking things slowly, as you might want to not miss on anything that is going to come out during that hot period. New video game releases may not be as popular throughout the holidays, as it is fall when they are mostly covered by the developers, but that does not stop the gambling scene from launching their products. If you find yourself lacking a bit of excitement on your vacations at home, then maybe you should go check out some of the slots at casino iGame, as they are sure to bring you plenty of joy and even some real cash benefits to spare on whatever you like. July was selected as the month of the Mobile Mania at iGame, which comes with its own portion of rewards that are actually quite enticing, to say the least. It will be buzzing this month, so do not let this one slip and find out more by going after some of the prizes that had been chosen for this promotional event. This would be a rather exceptional campaign, so if you are feeling like playing some games to win yourself a new cell phone – then go for it!

Daily offers will appear on the iGame website, presenting the viewers with attractive bonus offers and the chance to win a brand new iPhone 7. How awesome is that you might ask, well that and much more can be expected from the ongoing promotion that sees to it that everybody gets a little something out of it. Claim a new bonus each day and play the free spins you gather on your mobile device so that you can ultimately qualify for the draw for an iPhone 7. One person with the highest win of the day will walk away with this fantastic gadget, so the stakes are quite high for the time being. Today’s offer is 15 Free Spins after a €15 deposit, provided in the “Starburst” slot and available upon redeeming the code: MOB04. Make sure that you take the deal and check back for more outstanding daily bonuses that will be appearing until the end of this month.

iGame Casino Promotion

* Campaign runs between: 3rd and 31st of July, 2017

* Winners would be contacted personally by the casino staff

* The score is based on highest amount of coins from daily free spins

* In order to enter the promo, a player must play the daily game on a mobile device

* The operator reserves the right to change the details of this promo at any time

* Standard terms and conditions may apply at any given moment

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