Have you ever dreamed of being of genuine royalty? How about having your own castle or an army to search for a holy grail? Maybe that’s too far fetched, and it simple is a work of fiction and fairy tales, but the treasures that were possessed by may kings and queens in their royal coffers, can still be won – there is no doubt about it whatsoever.

One such way is by taking part in a LeoVegas promotion, which sure looks like a fun way to spend your pastime, not to mention everything else that you can achieve throughout a campaign as this. There are plenty of riches to be shared among the top players at LeoVegas casino in March 2018, and the ultimate champion will be crowned as the King of the Wheel, and receive a massive prize of €5000 in cash. That is but an extra something to make the coronation special, and the regal prizes are always within reach – right until the 29th of March that is, which is when this intriguing promotion is going to end.

Starting with March 12th, the event has been taking place for a while now, but there is still a whole week ahead of you; seven days during which the players can compete and climb the leaderboard to seize one of the fifty cash prizes. You can land on one of the winning spots just by collecting points, and those are generated accordingly to the ratio of wins to bets, made with every winning bet or number on which you have staked with a minimum of €1.

The road ahead is still filled with astoundingly well written content, and thanks not only to the fantastic games, but also to your generous host: Leo Vegas, it’s going to be a wild ride indeed. The Noble Wheels may have progressed to the next stage, but there is still time to take part in the competitions that follow, and those are just as exciting as the previous ones. Check with the exact dates of each qualifying period, and get all the details that you require for a successful online expedition, by visiting your friendly casino LeoVegas. Once you settle in – claim a bonus and get ready for non-stop gaming action.

LeoVegas Casino Promotion

The King of the Wheel
Duration: 12th-29th March 2018
Prize Pool: €5000
€1 winning bet = win/bet + 0.5 points

Regal Cash Prizes
1st: €3000
2nd: €1500
3rd: €750
4th-5th: €500 each
6th-10th: €250 each
11th-20th: €100 each
21st-50th: €50 each

The Noble Wheels
Live Dream Catcher: 12/03-15/03
Speed Live Roulette: 19/03-22/03
Finale: 26/03

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