Wanna play some casino games? Maybe winning an extra portion of cash sounds about right? How about both? Well, now we’re talking right, so let’s get straight to it, because there is alrady an exceptional promotion brewing at the online casino of Seven Cherries. If you are not part of this gaming network, then you are losing quite a bit of entertainment, because SevenCherries has all the best software, which you can play by simply becoming a valid user of the service, so just make sure to sign up whenever you feel ready to do it. There is much to do around this place and so much to discover, because nothing beats an online competition, as far as real money is involved. The Goldwyn’s Fairies £1500 Cash Drop is going to deliver you lots of amazing stuff, not to mention everything that can certainly help you win one of the top 15 prizes.

Each of the winners in this promotion is going to win an equal share of £100 from the prize pool, so get straight into it and find out if you are lucky enough to become the next top player. The cash drop takes place this weekend, so be sure to opt in between the 3rd and 5th of November 2017, to enter the draw for an instant award. The campaign is open to all registered players of the Seven Cherries casino, who had logged in to the service since the 1st November 2016, to finally celebrate the release of the newly added “Goldwyn Fairies” slot, already made available at casino SevenCherries.

Seven Cherries Casino Promotion

* This promotional event is restricted to account holders, aged 18 and older

* The £1500 Cash Drop is available between November 3rd and 5th (2017)

* A total prize pool of £1500 will be evenly split among winners (15 x £100)

* Winning accounts are selected by random, among the top 15 players

* All prizes must be claimed before 12pm (GMT), on the 6th of November

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