Casino MrFavorit is preparing for this year’s easter holidays, which means there will be plenty of valuable eggs to find. The Easter Bunny has been quite busy hiding all the presents, and it is up to you and other players to find them all. The Golden Egg Hunt is going to begin pretty soon, but you should still visit the MrFavorit casino site – to find out more about how you can take part in it more actively. Once you reach the website, there will be plenty of things to enjoy there, and what better way to actually do that – then with a plethora of benefits like those bonus spins that everyone loves so much.

If you have been able to already sign up with the MrFavorit program, but never got around making an initial deposit, then maybe you should reconsider and proceed with it now – when there are so many different things to look forward to. Every bet taken on any of the qualifying games, will let you collect points to get either bronze, silver, or gold eggs: credited for amassing 2, 5, or 10 points respectively. You can do that between the 19th and 22nd of April 2019, so the promotion is ultimately going to coincide with the Easter holidays; aiming to provide a decent entertainment alternative for all players.

If you are currently on the lookout for some extraordinary games – then maybe you should head to the Mr Favorite casino; where you will find all about the Golden Egg Hunt, during which you can win a fair share of cash prizes – or maybe even score some additional free spins too, so go hunt for some golden eggs right now. Additional terms and conditions, which include the full set of rules for this promotion are available on MrFavorit’s official website.

MrFavorit Casino Promotion

Promotion: Golden Egg Hunt

Dates: 19th – 22nd April

Eligibility: bets on qualifying slots

Bronze Egg: 2 points

Silver Egg: 5 points

Gold Egg: 10 points

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