There are lots of surprises waiting for players at the online casino: Guts – which has been continuing its fabulous campaign, called the Spring Festival. This amazing promotion has been offering its participants tons of chips, free spins, and instant cash prizes, available due to the casino’s generous €100,000 pool of prizes. If you haven’t been able to join the €100K Spring Festival before, then don’t worry – you still have time get a piece of the action and gain some coins, because there are still a few days left. The Spring Festival started on the 15th March, and was set to run for an entire month; meaning that it’s going to conclude on the 14th April. General terms and conditions plus rules of the service may still apply.

There have been many tournaments, leaderboards, races, challenges, and cash drops – with the addition of free spins, super spins, and mega spins. Once you have logged into your player account and activated your profile by making a successful deposit, you will be able to continue your experience at the Guts casino, and enjoy many prizes that would become available to you during the last week of the Spring Festival. Go ahead and visit the casino’s main website, and quickly locate this offer or any other promotion that has been going on recently or better yet: is about to start really soon.

Guts Casino Promotion

Campaign: Spring Festival

Duration: 15 March – 14 April

Prize Pool: €100,000

Qualifications: opt-in required

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