The new Conan slot is going to conquest the online casinos really soon, as the fantastic game is coming out later this month. Brace yourself for glorious battles and reap the spoils of many victorious moments – all of which are going to be part of the experience presented to you by Glimmer Casino. Casino Glimmer is going to launch the Conan’s Mega Power campaign while introducing its namesake; the video slot game that will change the entire casino scene.

Witness the power and the might, of sword & sorcery’s biggest hero, with tales spun across the ancient lands of a history long forgotten in time. This impressive looking game is planned for release some time later this month, but you can now prepare for its eventual arrival – by signing up and joining the GlimmerCasino bonus program.

There are some pretty notorious bonus offers, which are bound to give the players something very nice to look forward to, as well as a couple of exclusive campaigns; pretty much like the one described over here. It’s going to be a huge event when this game arrives, and so you should prepare by collecting as many free spins as you can. The Conan’s Mega Power promotion will bring a total pool of €10,000 – the main prize for this event, and a couple of other, excellent things that will be of great value all the same. The Conan’s Mega Power will be available between September 24th and 29th.

Glimmer Casino Promotion

Campaign: Conan’s Mega Power

Duration: 24-29 September

Prizes: €10,000

Qualifying Game: Conan

Minimum Deposit: €10

Minimum Wager: €20

Maximum: 50 tickets / day

Promo Code: CONAN

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