There is a new player – or rather an online casino to be precise, on the internet; the one they call: SlotWolf. It’s no wonder that many have already taken a liking to this fresh gaming brand, as it’s really cool and has all the hot online games. But of course there are still many other things that players should try the next time they decide to drop by the SlotWolf casino; either to say hello and look around, or maybe stay for good and play some of these amazing games. But games are not the only great thing about this fancy online casino, as it seems to be also a reliable source of online competitions, gaming promotions, and exciting competitions – pretty much like the Big Win Tournament that happens to run as we speak.

The Big Win Tournament comes with a very generous prize pool: 1,000 Euros and 640 Free Spins – available to all members of the Slot Wolf casino program, who are already part of this club. It seems like there will be plenty of opportunities to win a significant share of that prize pool, and of course a couple more things to do when the tournament finally comes to an end. But there is still plenty of time left before that happens, and the 15 winning places are still empty – which makes for a perfect opportunity for you to land on one of these spots and enjoy a couple of chips and bonus spins.

SlotWolf Casino Promotion

Competition: Big Win Tournament

Prize Pool: 1,000 EUR + 640 FS

Duration: 1 Week

Winning Places: 15

Games: slot machines

1 Point: €20 real money bet

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