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Be sure to find out more about casino NightRush and its expansive rewards program – which happens to combine some of the most excellent genres of software, and a whole bunch of fresh content. The players can already expect to see a lot of action before this month’s end, so hurry up and visit the Night Rush for immediate cashback bonuses. A total of 7 top places in the April Chill Cashback Challenge, will see massive cash back prizes, and you also can win any of these special offers – provided that you opt in during the 24th – 30th April period; only at the Night Rush casino.

NightRush Casino Promotion

START: 24/04/2019 [00:00 CEST]

END: 30/04/2019 [23:59 CEST]

1st Place = 21% Cashback
2nd Place = 19% Cashback
3rd Place = 17% Cashback
4th Place = 15% Cashback
5th Place = 13% Cashback
6th Place = 11% Cashback
7th Place = 10% Cashback

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