There have been various different versions of the post-apocalyptic future, yet fortunately for the human race, none of them have come to occur. The fictional scenarios however have become quite popular ever since the year of 2012 ended, which foiled the plans for a possible end of the world. Despite that, you can now become one of the heroes who plan to venture into Sin City, in order to capture the lost city of Vegas from an impending horde of Zombies.

The fantastic online slot “Lost Vegas” can now be played at casino Guts, so if you wish to take either the side of human survivors or flesh-eating zombies, then you may certainly do so without any consequences. The best part about all this is that you may still enjoy a share of the €6,000 Sharepot, which has been prepared for this occasion. You must be quick about it though, as the campaign ends today at exactly midnight, so hurry up and take your chances in the ongoing battle for survival and be one of those lucky few who would be splitting the reward between them. There are three distinctive prize tiers and each of those represents a specific amount of the cash, which is ultimately going to the winners. With each passing wager that you successfully make on the Lost Vegas slot, your chances are gradually rising higher.

Even though the game is currently only available on the desktop devices and you have to wait until it gets to mobile platforms, you can access the Guts casino from your personal computer or laptop and travel to the Zombie infested Las Vegas, where the battle is still going to take place for quite some time. Whenever unsure about the facts, one can always find all the relevant information on the promotional site, over at Guts.

Guts Casino Promotion

TIER 1: €200-€999 made in wagers = an equal share of €1,000

TIER 2: €1,000-€3,999 made in wagers = an equal share of €2,000

TIER 3: €4,000+ made in wagers = an equal share of €3,000

* The promo will remain open until Sunday midnight, October 9th (23:59CET)

* All of the bonuses would be paid on the 10th of October at 16:00CET

* There is a 20x wagering requirement that must be fulfilled

* General Terms & Conditions can apply as well

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