Netentia is in peril at the moment, as the hordes of monsters and bandits ravage the land. Redbet is calling out to all the heroes out there who might come to aid the realm and save it from the incoming threat. Follow the events at casino redbet and join the ranks of mercenaries, helping to get rid of the invaders and recapture the lost artifacts.

Glory and free spins await all who make their way to the online casino and repel the forces of evil, thus closing the portal and freeing the gaming platform once and for all. Assemble at least 10 magical stones, which had been scattered through the entire realm of Netentia, aiding in the battle for its independence.

Follow the missions that are updated on a daily basis and you will be handsomely rewarded. In case of any doubts, turn to the general bonus terms and conditions section, available at redbet casino.

Redbet Casino Promotion

* This campaign takes place between the 20th and 26th of March

* The highest wagers allowed during this event: €/£5 / spin and €/£0.50 / betting line

* Bonus funds cannot be wagered on excluded games

* A specific amount has to be wagered in order to complete each step

* Instructions will be send by e-mail and/or SMS

* Further Terms & Conditions may apply

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