It’s your last chance to join the Race to Rio – an ongoing campaign by casino BGO, during which one lucky person can win a trip to the carnival in Brazil. If you always wanted to visit Rio de Janeiro during its worldwide famous event – then now is your chance to make an appearance there, and of course win a lot of other prizes during this incredible online promotion from BGO. It’s going to be a huge party this year, so you may want to stack on some drinks and snacks for later, because there will be plenty of gaming involved. Visit the BGO casino before January 20th, and collects as many points as you can, because for every £25 that you wager during this time – you will earn 1 leaderboard point. Of course, the more you wager, the more points you will receive – so head back there now, and see what kind of exciting games that await there.

And there’s plenty where that came from, especially now since the Race to Rio has been going on, bringing you all kinds of intense gaming activities, which are certainly going to last for quite a while. The Rio Carnival Trip for 2 is but one of the many prizes available, with the rest being: Apple iPhones and iPads, TV sets, Apple watches, and free spins on such games as Spinata Grande. There is also the other thing that you should consider, but only if you still haven’t made a deposit at BGO – so new players are more than welcome to join as well, because then it’s gonna be a full party.

Everybody who does, and proceeds with the deposit making, is going to receive a proper welcome on behalf of the online casino; resulting in a fabulous bonus package. That and much more will make for a quite an adventure, and you can now visit the online casino to make the most out of it, plus gain a few exceptional prizes along the way.

BGO Casino Promotion

Position / Prize
1st: Rio Carnival Trip for Two
2nd: Apple iPhone XS (64 GB)
3rd: Apple iPad Pro (64 GB)
4th: TV worth £500
5th: Apple Watch
6th-20th: 20 Free Spins on Spinata Grande

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