Many of the regularly hosted casino promotions are either based on new video slot releases and free spins, or coincide with the global holiday events, thus encouraging the players to take part in certain aspects of such campaigns. Some of those are exciting competitions – like the scorching hot tournament that has just begun at casino Cadoola. What’s even more intriguing about this tournament, is that it features a new video slot: “Taboo”, an edgy game with a bunch of kinky stuff and a plethora of bonuses. Everyone who wants to become part of the Cadoola program, may definitely want to apply for membership right now – just in time to start playing Taboo and climbing the tournament leaderboard during Slot of the Week. In order to successfully enter the promo, the viewers must be fully registered with the casino program, and then make a qualifying deposit of at least €20, or a currency equivalent accordingly to the tables that come with the initial requirements.

This competition will remain open between the 19th and 23rd of February 2018, throughout which a total of 100,000 LPs will be given away. You can start off by signing up via the Cadoola casino website, and claiming the welcome bonus in the process, which might come in handy later on. Qualifying for the rewards is easy enough so that anybody could do that, and with just a minimum bet of €0.30, you can quickly enter this tournament and gain some loyalty points, which can be exchanged for more game time. The following would certainly prove to be of great interest to regular visitors, who frequent the lobby on several occasions. Follow through and you will find just how rewarding the online casino experience can be.

Whether it is the prospect of playing new slots or winning that makes the activity so desirable, there is pretty much anything to go around. The 10 lucky participants of this tournament will be sharing a huge amount of loyalty points at the end of this campaign, with many more coming really soon to Cadoola. Multiple novelties are being introduced during such tournaments, and even more importantly: lots of new games, which are by far the most enticing aspect of the challenge.

Cadoola Casino Promotion

Tournament: Slot of the Week

Game: Taboo

Start: 19/02/2018

End: 23/02/2018

Minimum bet: €0.30

Prize pool: 100,000 L.P.
1: 17,000 L.P.
2: 15,000 L.P.
3: 12,000 L.P.
4: 11,000 L.P.
5: 10,000 L.P.

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