Mars Casino is in peril, as the alien forces from a parallel dimension are waging at attack against the space fairing platform, which means there could be a shortage of online games and free spins in the upcoming weeks. Fear not however, because there is still hope to save your favorite casino, repel the invaders and send them back into their universe before it’s to late to save this one. MarsCasino is encouraging all members to join the battle, which comes with lots of money rewards for the bravest defenders. This galaxy is in need of you and your gaming skills, and you can sign up for the defensive force of the Martian Rush, which offers a prize pool worth €500. The final countdown is expected to hit on the 11th of April this year, which means there is little time left before the campaign is finally coming to an end. Rest assured that nobody will be left behind, and ten of the bravest pilots will be rewarded with a fair share of the reward.

In order to enter the Marian Rush and compete for the prize pool, the players must successfully qualify by completing a minimum bet of 1EUR or 0.00015BTC, which should let them join the battle for Casino Mars. The welcome bonus of 300 EUR / 2 BTC must be either used or forfeited prior to joining this campaign, but that is something that the operator will leave up to you. To boost your progress and propel into deep space, you must use real money bets, which can be made on any slots of your choosing. There are lots of those to choose from, and you can certainly start off by picking the ones you like or are already familiar with. Further requirements, initial conditions, and general terms – will be available via Mars Casino’s promotional section – where all such informaion is being posted.

Mars Casino Promotion

Campaign: Martian Rush

Final countdown: 11/04/2018

Prize pool: 500 Euros

Minimum bet: 1EUR / 0.00015BTC

Leaderboard: top 10 players

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