Head straight to Maria Casino for your daily gaming fix and not only, because the website hosts a multitude of online gaming tournaments, which are quite exciting to say the least. No matter if you win or lose, you can be sure to have a great time, not to mention the chance to play some of the latest games or even the classic ones. Such is the case with the upcoming Roulette Tournament, which is going to run between the 15th and 20th of June. As the name clearly suggests, the tournament will be hosted at the roulette tables, so place the bets and keep your fingers crossed, because there is a whopping 10,000 GBP in cash prizes to be won during that time. Everybody can qualify by simply fulfilling the initial requirements, which involve making a minimum number of 30 consecutive rounds with 0.10 GBP bets.

The score is based solely on this number of rounds, and the better the score is, the higher the prize would be in the end. If that does not convince you, then consider checking out some of the other promotions, which are constantly added to Maria Casino. Sign up to receive the welcome package and play with bonus money, that is added instantly after making a deposit. This is an online casino after all, so just have fun and do what you like doing best.

Maria Casino Promotion

15/06/2017 [0:01] – 20/06/2017 [23:59]

Eligible Game: Roulette

Prize Pool: 10,000 GBP
1. 2,500 GBP
2. 1,000 GBP
3. 750 GBP
4-6. 500 GBP
7-10. 250 GBP
11-30. 100 GBP
31-40. 50 GBP
41-50. 25 GBP
51-100. 10 GBP

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