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A little bit of luck can’t hurt either, yet a better chance can only be possible if you allow yourself to take risks, and those are always involved with gambling in practically any form. There are times that it can seem difficult, impossible event, but if you are willing to do it, then the results may surprise you. All that combined with a holiday promotion may just be what anyone could use right now, plus the fact that entertainment does not come cheap is what can eventually change the tide for the better. Get all the important facts and details on the official site of MariaCasino.

Maria Casino Promotion

Campaign period: 26/10/2017 [00:01] – 01/11/2017 [23:59]

Eligible games: Lost Vegas, Wild Blood, Blood Suckers II, Immortal Romance, Happy Halloween, Dracula

Minimum number of consecutive rounds: 20

Qualifying bet per round: 0.10GBP

Prize Pool
1. 1,500GBP
2. 500GBP
3. 375GBP
4. 250GBP
5. 150GBP
6-10. 100GBP
11-39. 50GBP
40-50. 25GBP

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