The Golden Dragon Gate has been opened, but it will not remain open for long – so pack a few snacks and drinks to give you strength, because it’s gonna be a long journey. This fantastic online tournament is part of the Maneki Casino bonus program, as are the other promotions that you would normally find through its cat loving website. It’s a world of dragons, fire and treasure, which means it will be just as exciting as the name clearly suggests it is. But that’s not all – everybody who enters the Golden Dragon Gate tournament at Casino Maneki, will have the chance to win €8,000 plus a total of 3,000 Free Spins.

Because that is the prize pool reserved for this campaign, which is quite a special one too. This tournament is slowly coming to an end, as there are only a few hours left before it comes to a close. Worry not however, for if you haven’t been able to play slots during this tourney, you are still going to be able to join the next one. The ManekiCasino network is responsible for hosting numerous events like this one, and more often than not; they run simultaneously with each other. Just let the magic of the golden dragon guide you, and good fortune will come too. The world of Maneki is an interesting one, and that only makes it all that more attractive for anybody who is looking forward to playing a couple more games. If you’re not interesting in this particular offer, then know that Maneki Casino has still lots and loads of other amazing things prepared for you. Just don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus package, if you’re still new here.

Maneki Casino Promotion

Tournament: Golden Dragon Gate

Start: 03/08/2020 [00:00CEST]

End: 09/08/2020 [23:59CEST]

Rewards: €8,000 + 3,000 Free Spins

Games: featured video slots

Qualifying Bet: €1 (minimum)

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