If live casino games are your thing, then you should already be aware of how many amazing products have been released by multiple software companies over the past decade. Online gambling has never looked more promising than right now, and what better place to indulge in your favorite pastime – than at the famous LeoVegas casino.

There are so many different genres that cover a wide variety of card or table based games, as well as a few additional gems which are likely going to appeal to the audience. Find out how you can become part of this experience by visiting the official site of Leo Vegas, and signing up for a player account immediately after meeting the basic requirements. It should be no surprise then, that casino LeoVegas has provided another one of its excellent promotions, an online competition called the Lightning Dice Tournament; which is going to last until the 9th of June (terms and conditions apply).

There are lots of cash prizes to be won and games to play that would let result in some form of incentive either way. But more importantly: there are valuable prizes amassing to a total of €20,000 – the amount of which is going to be split among the leading players in this competition. Every €1 won on casino games will give you 1 point toward the leaderboard score, so if you hope to win some of that – you should head to the LeoVegas site right away.

LeoVegas Casino Promotion

Competition: Lightning Dice Tournament

Duration: 31 May – 9 June (2019)

Prize Pool: €20,000

1 Point: for every €1 won

Devices: mobile, tablet, desktop

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