It’s that time of the month that you can win yourselves some bonus cash at the Betsson casino, which has brought forward an exciting tournament: The Lightning Roulette Frenzy. That’s right, the game of roulette is ruling for a whole week at casino Betsson, so if you would like to join the action, then don’t hesitate any longer, and do it right now. There are lots of cash prizes for the winners of this competition, and you are about to find out just how easy it is to opt in and start playing.

With just a minimum bet of €2, an entry would be credited to anyone who enjoys placing a few bets here and there, all the while taking spins on the wheel of chance. And the players can do that between the 9th and 16th of May 2018, when the Lightning Roulette Frenzy Tournament is going to run, so now is a good time to actually head to Betsson and qualify for this competition. Those who aren’t part of the casino yet, can quickly register and gain a complimentary welcome bonus, which should let them explore the software library even further. Any straight up win at the roulette tables, will immediately get you one point toward the score, while a lightning boosted straight up can get you even ten points, so look out for those and keep your fingers crossed, because who knows how many points you can gain just by having a couple of bets.

The bets players can look forward to their rewards on May 17th, which is when the prizes are going to be distributed by the operator, including the main prize of €3,000 in cold, hard cash. Everybody who enjoys casino games – especially roulette, can now have a truly remarkable online experience at the online casino: Betsson, which means that you should probably head there right now and find out if you qualify for the tournament at all. If you do, then keep in mind that there is a total pool of €20,000 waiting for you there, among many other things like slots and bonus spins, of course.

Betsson Casino Promotion

Tournament: Lightning Roulette Frenzy

Duration: 9th May [17:00CEST] – 16th May [23:59CEST]

Minimum Bet: €2

Total Pool: €20 000

Position / Prize
1. €3000
2. €2000
3. €1500
4. €1000
5.-10. €500
11.-20. €200
21.-50. €150
51.-60. €100
61.-100. €50

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