The online casino Casoo is continuing its festive celebration of the New Year 2020, by continuing the Intergalactic Holidays campaign; a fantastic bonus event that offers all participants a daily treat for every single day of the promotion. Started on December 16th, the Intergalactic Holidays are truly a spectacular thing to behold, encouraging all viewers to come by and join the Casoo casino for more benefits – like the special daily offers that you can find there now.

Daily bonuses and other goodies are handed out to players on a regular basis, and they can find themselves a whole lot more freebies to enjoy this new year. There are almost two weeks of this exciting promotion ahead of you, so you should take this time to return to online games, and have yourselves a fantastic time at Casoo; where you can receive lots of freebies, and win even more benefits along the way. Anybody who haven’t joined the Intergalactic Holidays promo, or the online casino itself – is invited to join the fun and the other aspects of this experience that are going to be featured quite prominently from now on. All the terms, conditions and wagering requirements – are available on the casino’s website. Sign up now for an online account with the Casoo program, and start this space journey that will lead you through a galaxy of games and virtually any type of digital creations that were ever put on display by the famous software companies

Casoo Casino Promotion

Campaign: Intergalactic Holidays

Rewards: daily bonus offers

Availability: once every day

Start: 16th December 2019

End: 12th January 2020

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