If you thought that this week couldn’t be any more interesting than the last one, as boring as life can be at times – then you might be pleasantly surprised with what the Alf casino has in store for you right now. All of you who want to join Alf’s next big giveaway, can enter the “Grab Cash!” tournament for €10,000. If you would also like to join this exciting competition, then there is little else to say than just go for it! There is a whopping €10,000 to enjoy at casino Alf, and you can win a share of this amazing prize pool, when you qualify for the tournament, by making bets that total to a minimum amount of €20 – on games such as: Coins of Fortune, Tesla Jolt, Casino Win Spin, and WiXX. The main prize is €2500, and it will go to the best player of this tournament, with lots of other cash prizes that can be won in this online tournament.

You might still get a chance for some extra money, but only if you play those games during the month of April 2022, as this is when the €10K Grab Cash tournament is hosted. Don’t forget to check with the online casino to see what kind of other bonus goodies can still be procured right now, as there are multiple tournaments running simultaneously with the one already mentioned here. Get ready for another round of slots, and let the coins flow as you finally reach the bonus rounds, where you can get as many free spins as possible. The games are easy to play, and offer you a great chance to win plenty of additional rewards, such as bonus spins or extra coins. Just see for yourself if you don’t believe us, and play at the online casino Alf with double the funds, and even more free spins than you won’t get anywhere else. Don’t forget to check out some of the newer games, as those are quite an interesting pick for just about anybody who wants to play online slots. There are numerous special features that players can unlock during their gaming exploits, and of course win some exceptional rewards as well. Terms and conditions may apply, just as other tournament rules still might. Since there is so much more out there to explore still.

Alf Casino Promotion

Tournament: Grab Cash!

Duration: April 2022

Prize pool: €10,000

Games: selected slots

Minimum wager: €20

Min. bet: €0.20

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