Although it has been going for some time already, the World Cup 2018 championships in soccer are steadily progressing to the finals, leaving only the best football teams to compete in this ongoing tournament. As much as some of the PlayAmo members may like sports, nothing can beat the thrill of spinning the wheels at the tables, or getting a winning combination of reels – which is always possible thanks to Lady Luck herself. If you feel that the odds are in your favor, and even if they are not – you can still play games and have a wonderful time at the PlayAmo casino, which is now undergoing a special offer for the fans of sports: Football Time. This promotion can still be subject to standard terms and conditions.

This campaign is based on a series of tournaments, which run between June 14th and July 15th, aptly named because there are numerous rounds in which the viewers can participate, if they visit casino PlayAmo during the dates provided in the lower section. You can start earning the race points as soon as you join the online casino, and then play any of its games (slots) – with each bet worth at least €0.1 that counts. Accumulate the most points and you will receive a cash prize or lots of free spins, provided on the video slot: Fa-Fa Twins. The prize pool reloads every three days, which means there is always 4,000 EUR and 10,000 available for sharing between the winners of this competition. For the next couple of week,s it is going to be football time for most of the time, but taking breaks is always highly recommended. Those who do not particularly like sporting events like this, can always find some respite and play their favorite games at Play Amo.

PlayAmo Casino Promotion

1 Round: 14.06.2018-17.06.2018 – 4,000 EUR + 10,000 FS

2 Round: 17.06.2018-20.06.2018 – 4,000 EUR + 10,000 FS

3 Round: 20.06.2018-23.06.2018 – 4,000 EUR + 10,000 FS

4 Round: 23.06.2018-26.06.2018 – 4,000 EUR + 10,000 FS

5 Round: 26.06.2018-29.06.2018 – 4,000 EUR + 10,000 FS

6 Round: 29.06.2018-01.07.2018 – 4,000 EUR + 10,000 FS

7 Round: 01.07.2018-04.07.2018 – 4,000 EUR + 10,000 FS

8 Round: 04.07.2018-07.07.2018 – 4,000 EUR + 10,000 FS

9 Round: 07.07.2018-10.07.2018 – 4,000 EUR + 10,000 FS

10 Round: 10.07.2018-15.07.2018 – 7,000 EUR + 12,000 FS

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