If by any chance you are a fan of games and classic animated television shows, then by all means you simply have to read on, as this might concern your interest. There are lots of different forms of media that can be used to represent a particular concept, either it is a video game, a cartoon, movie, comic book or even a brand of toys. It all comes to the marketing process and how effective it can be at grabbing the attention of potential clients.

One of such ideas lies behind the creative minds from the Hanna-Barbera studios, which are responsible for launching multiple successful animated series, many of which has reached the peak of their popularity with their consecutive primetime continuity. One of such television based animations are “The Flintstones”, an original TV production that revolved around the lives of a working class family during the Stone Age era. If you were a fan of this cartoon during your childhood or maybe you discovered it only later on through its repetitive reruns, either way you may still gain from the currently available promotion by the online casino BGO.

The internet gambling scene has recently witnessed the premiere of a new slot; one that has been based entirely on The Flintstones setting. BGO is celebrating the launch of this spectacular casino game by offering its players an extra set of bonus goodies they are able to get exclusively this day. Everybody gets 5 Free Spins just for the sake of it, but if you wish to still get some more of those, then you are welcome to make a qualifying deposit which inevitably leads to a great amount of these bonus rounds. Deposit £15 to receive 15 Free Spins, while depositing £40 will bring even 40 Free Spins in total. Just remember to use the special promo code FRED while processing the money and you will be able to spin some more on the featured game.

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