Although there is still much time for the Holiday season to begin, some places have come to possess this overwhelming warmth that is so eagerly awaited by many during Winter. Online casinos are particularly well known for rewarding their players with tremendous gift packages that would not even fit under a Christmas tree. At Betsson Casino, the countdown to the holidays have already started, with guaranteed prizes on every single day of the week and plenty more profits to gather in the long run.

The promotional page that has been specially prepared for this occasion, consists of covered images that upon revealing may grant the players a handful of free spins, bonuses, electronics and travel vouchers or even a chance for winning the €25,000 Jackpot. Thousands of gifts await for the players at Betsson, providing them with a token for each deposit of at least €10 made at the online casino. Play any o the Jackpot infused games (except for Caribbean Poker and Keno) so that you receive a token that can be further used to unravel the mysterious reward hidden behind the image. These pictures would be updated on a daily basis, so stay tuned for information sent to you by the casino mail, as to when would be the best time to go for it.

* This campaign will be active between the 16th November and 24th December 2015

* The promotion is going to be valid for the desktop casino only

* €10 spent on the jackpot games during a daily promotion (00:00-23:59CET) will generate a single click on the image

* Keno and Caribbean Poker are excluded from this promotion

* A maximum number of clicks that one can receive during a daily event: 1

* Clicks would be canceled if unused during the day on which they have been earned

* Each week of the campaign, the image will include such prizes as:

– 5, 10, 25 & 50 free spins

– 5x travel vouchers (worth €1,000 each)

– 5x electronics vouchers (worth €1,000 each)

– 1 jackpot (€25,000 in total worth)

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