The Easter Holidays are a fun period when the Easter Bunny brings chocolate cover eggs, and hides them in places where most wouldn’t even think of looking in the first place – which is ironically often a source of great frustration. But the sweet reward is always worth it in the end, so if you are game – and want to be part of the festivities at hand, then you should definitely mention it to others as well. That, as well as the many treats that you can possibly get.

The Easter Bunny has already arrived however, and the basket happens to contain not only chocolate eggs, but also golden ones. The online casino Wixstars is organizing this year’s Golden Egg Hunt; a holiday promotion filled with tasty bonuses and extra free spins – just what any player would require to have an incredibly good time there.

The Wixstars casino is still relatively new, so if you haven’t been there yet, and would like to join the fun – then you are welcome to do so, as the casino would like to extend its invitation to anybody who qualifies to join. Find as many eggs as you can; either bronze, silver, or gold, because for each you find, you will receive additional points. Get 2 points for finding a Bronze Egg, 5 points for stumbling upon a Silver Egg, and 10 points for locating the whereabouts of a Golden Egg. The Wixstars casino offers all the resources that players could need during the hunt, along with further information, details, and insights on how to take part in it. Specific terms and conditions will apply.

Wixstars Casino Promotion

Campaign: Golden Egg Hunt

Duration: 19th – 22nd April

Qualification: bets on qualifying slots

Bronze Egg: 2 Points

Silver Egg: 5 Points

Gold Egg: 10 Points

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