If you like dinosaurs and casino games, then you have probably heard about this excellent new site called: Dinospin. What a curious combination that is; dinos and slots, or maybe not so much. After all, both are really cool and offer an interesting and really exciting trip into their respectful worlds. Check out this next tournament at Dinospin casino, and you will probably get right into it. This €1000 Tournament is an online race, which not only does possess a total pool worth €1000 of cash, but also comes with a multitude of exciting new games. There are loads of video slots at casino Dinospin, just waiting for your arrival. Claim this amazing welcome bonus pack and start playing all these colorful video games. Slots are by far the most common and popular choice, but should you be interested in other games – then you are in for a real treat here. Any significant terms or conditions, will be posted along other promotional rules.

Fun is always guaranteed, but so are the many prizes. The top 50 of lucky winners will be sharing this grand pot of cash prizes, and so the games continue on at Dinospin. If all that sounds like something that you would like to do – then it’s a plan. Head to the Dinospin casino website right away, and there you will find all the info on how to quickly get into that competition. You should make haste however, because the current iteration of the €1000 races is going to end within the next few days. Well, to be honest you don’t have to hurry, because where one tournament ends; another begins. Such is the wheel of tournaments at casino Dinospin, and one can be sure there will be plenty more in the future.

Dinospin Casino Promotion

Tournament: €1000 Race

Ends: 13th August 2020

Games: various slots

Leaderboard: top 50

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