The hottest season of the year is currently in its full blown stage, meaning that kids are taking breaks from school, while the adults are going on vacations. The latter audience might be also interested in what casino Guts has in store for this month, especially since the summer holidays are a great time for promotions. Nonetheless, it still is good to visit this online casino from time to time, and see what it has prepared for its viewers. It happens so, that Guts casino is well aware of the goings on, and has already launched its one of a kind; Festival Weekends campaign – available until August 2nd.

The Festival Weekends are a joyous celebration of summer, gaming, and everything else, which is definitely going to appeal to everyone who wants to enjoy some entertainment during this hot season. There are a bunch of instant boost worth €25 each, and you can win those by getting a winning spin on any of the slots selected for this weekend. The currently featured games are: Bonanza, Northern Sky, Wild Spells, Gold King, Lost Relics, with additional ones that are going to be highlighted on the next weekend. This sure makes for a grandiose opening of the summer break, so if you are in the mood for some casino activities this month, then make haste and join the Guts program before the start of this weekend.

Simply play the five slot machines that were selected prior to the Weekend Festival, and the casino will match your net winnings over a qualifying period on those games – up to a total of €25. This campaign is going to continue on, running between July 6th and August 2nd. Further terms, conditions, and wagering requirements may still apply.

Guts Casino Promotion

Campaign: Festival Weekends

Duration: 6th July – 2nd August (2018)

Weekend Slots: Lost Relics, Gold King, Wild Spells, Northern Sky, Bonanza

Qualifying Period: Friday [02:00CEST] – Monday [01:59CEST]

Winning Boost: €25 in extra cash on slot winnings

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