Starting today and available for one week only, the daily giveaways offer is going to be active at the BGO casino. During this time, the players will be able to enjoy a quick getaway to one of the destinations, including: Morocco, Switzerland, France, and Scotland. Such prizes can be one in each of the Daily Giveaway Tournaments, which are going to be hosted by casino BGO between the 16th and 22nd of July 2018. All players can qualify for a free entry, if they make a deposit one the day of the tournament. Afterward, they can proceed to the tournaments webpage in the evening (6pm – midnight), to participate in exciting slot battles. Astounding prizes await them in the following competitions, and those will definitely keep their hearts pumping, as they find out who gets to go on the next luxurious getaway, much to the joy of your companion.

The rest of the winners is still able to win themselves a couple of free spins, or even some extra cash – provided that they finish in the top 20. The aforementioned tournaments are open to all who are at least 18 years old, and who have deposited in the last 24 hours. There are no additional entry fees, which means that in order to enter the tournament, one simply has to deposit a specified amount of money. The players can get ready for a huge dose of action this week, and they are likely going to find it at the BGO in July. All the meaningful information regarding this promotion, can be found on the official BGO website, which is also where you can encounter many more special events like this, or just play a few games without worrying about anything else, least of all some hidden requirements or impossible thresholds.

BGO Casino Promotion

16th July: 2-night break for 2 at Kasbah Tamadot (Morocco)

17th July: 2-night stay for 2 at The Lodge Ski Retreat (Switzerland)

18th July: 2-night break for 2 at the Louvre in Paris (France)

19th July: 2-night stay for 2 at Ackergill Tower (Scotland)

21st July: 2-night break for 2 at Kasbah Tamadot (Morocco)

22nd July: 2-night stay for 2 at The Lodge Ski Retreat (Switzerland)

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