If there is anything better for Christmas than presents, then it should be presents that you can give yourself during the Holidays. Guts casino is always happy to agree to that and grant its players the opportunity to follow their instincts for competing in the festivities ahead.

Once you are ready to get into the game, then you will have to visit the promotional page of this year’s Christmas Trivia, where each day brings new questions and thus extra chances for winning some nice gadgets. That is quite right, apart from the usual free spins, bonuses and cash rewards, the online casino will also present to the winners some really pleasant electronic gizmos that they are about to witness firsthand. The top 75 players from the leaderboard will receive guaranteed awards from the many gifts prepared for this special occasion.

Christmas Trivia 2015

Keep yourself occupied with that thought and you will surely get what you want, but remember that you must first answer the trivia correctly. Each day of the campaign will offer a question which players must answer within the next 72 hours.

Correct answer grant you points that are scored on the leader-board, thus offering a quick overview on how you fare against this tricky challenge. Be careful about answering the trivia though, for you get only one chance to do it right, but worry not if you do not make it, there would be still a 24 hour mission that you must finish and get even more points to boost your score in the end. Move into the new year with some brand new equipment and an abundance of bonus resources that will certainly make it a bountiful year for those who play at casino Guts.

Check the full terms and conditions for this promotion and if your country is currently eligible to participate in that offer, before you fully commit to this exciting challenge of skill and wit.

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